Our favourite films triumph – TRIUMPH, we say – at the Golden Globules


The best men won at the shonkiest ever Golden Globes last night (some chubby bloke with a moustache and a line of lovelies sitting on fold-up chairs replaced the usual glamooooour thanks to that darstardly writers striking), namely Sweeney Todd for Best Comedy or Musical (it’s a musical, by the way), and Atonement for Best Drama.

Other winners we totally agreed with were (do you like what we’re doing here? Making you jump over to find out…?)…

Julie Christie bagged Best Actress in a Drama for Away From Her, Daniel Day Lewis (bit mad but used to be cute) won the same (but Actor) for There Will Be Blood.

Johnny Depp (for once deservedly) won Best Actor in a Dolly Musical for Sweeeeeeneeeeeey, while the cheeenius Marion Cotillard won Best Actress in a Musical for playing Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose.

Cate Blanchett copped the Supporting Actress in a Moving Picture (we’ll be the judge of how moving it was, thank you) for I’m Not there, where she dresses up as Robert Dylan, while the hornsome Javier Bardem got something similar for No Country For Old Men.

And even the telly awards were right up our street: Longford won as did Samantha Morton for being Myra and Jim Broadbent for being Lord Longford; Extras won as Best Comedy and the ‘you so would’ Jeremy Piven for the ‘really good but no one’s seen it’ Entourage.

Three cheers for that judging panel. Hip hip…


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3 comments to “Our favourite films triumph – TRIUMPH, we say – at the Golden Globules”

  1. I SO can’t wait to see Sweeney Todd. I’m even thinking of splashing out and going to the Everyman in Hampstead, and pressing the special button and getting waitress service mid-film and EVERYTHING.

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  2. Your Royal Highness was pleased not to have committed to yet another doleful program, God Save This Queen. Eternity it a long time, Christmas on a Biscuit…..MUST I be subjected to this crap? This little non-ceremony was fine by me…..AND believe me, nobody had been on the Throne longer then me,,,Unless it is my Granddaughter Betty Windsor with the latest edition of Vanity Fair…..GOD SAVED ME!!! Humble yourselves!

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  3. […] Now we j’adore SJP more than if she were spawned from our own front bottom. In fact, she’s our second favourite acronym en ce moment (HBC – Helena Bottom Carter – is currently revelling in pole position, owing to the cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(eeee)eeeeenius-ness that is Sweeney Todd), but hold on just one cotton-picking minute! Are we seriously supposed to look at the latest cover of Allure magazine and NOT guffaw at the airbrushing-extreme that appears to have taken the face of a 42-year-old woman, erased it in a theatrical EtchaSketch-esque shaking manner, then replaced it with the face of a woman who’s been shoved off a cliff with a bungee jump attached to the back of her head, had the slack cut off then made into a plastic goo and trowelled back on her face in the manner of a Cover Girl make-up shoot (art-directed by Tranny Banks)? […]

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