Now, that’s just showing off!

Imagine the dusting!

There’s no such thing as too much at glittering London’s most eyecatching (retina burning?) new cockteleria, Electric Birdcage, in Haymarket – number 11, to be exact – just a hop, skip and a jump from the fantabulous Haymarket Hotel.

The furnishings are lavish, to say the very least, with Las Vegas mirrors, a carousel bar, enough pink to keep even Samanda happy and individually designed sitting furniture (that’s chairs to you).

With an equally eye-boggling cocktail list and pan-Asian (does that mean Asian done in a pan?) food (some remarkably cheap: Dim Sum for £7.50 at lunch!), it’s an experience. And if it does fry your brain, you can always toddle along to the Haymarket to simmer down a little.

See a couple more pictures over the jump…

Step inside, love Oh, my eyes!


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