Sia: ‘I text pest Amy Winehouse’ Another fabulous exclusive!

She's mad, this one

She’s the voice of Zero 7, Xtina’s a huge fan, she’s duetted with Beck, she’s ah-mazing live and she may well have come up with the coolest album of the year (you know the one you play when people come round just so they know you’re hipper than the Queen Mother after a double hip op).

And here she is, talking exclusivement to us about triumphing over Nora Jones, being j’adored by Perez and worrying about Britney!

So, your album leaked on the net like three months before it was released!
I know but I don’t give a shit about piracy.

Did you leak it yourself?
No, I wanted to but I couldn’t because I could have been sued by my own record company. Crazy, but true.

Your voice has been compared to Amy Winehouse…
I don’t read anything so I don’t know. But I text pest Amy all the time. Every time I hear about something damaging happening to her I want to give her a hug because she is really nice. I text her like once a month. She never responds. It’ll just say, ‘We’re listening to your record, you’re fucking amazing. Lots of love, Sia.’

We were reading that Christina Aguilera came to your gig.
Yeah, she came to my LA show and bought tickets. She wasn’t even on the guest list. My manager, David, was pissing his pants, he was so excited. He was like, ‘Oh my God, Sia. She wasn’t even on the guestlist. That means they bought tickets. That’s so amazing.’

Plus you’ve had a run-in with Norah Jones and Beth Orton, right?
Yeah, yeah. I was on tour with Zero 7 a few years ago and their manager said to me, ‘Sia, Beck’s manager was wondering if you wanted to duet with him tonight?’ I was like, ‘Yeah!’ pissing my pants at the same time. I was nervous but he said, ‘I’m going to duet with Norah Jones and then Beth Orton and then you.’ I was like, ‘Fuck’ because no one really knew me then. So I said to Norah and Beth, ‘Maybe you could sing, really badly to make me sound good! They laughed and said, ‘Sure, no problem.’ I figured they knew I was joking but one of them started singing her song in the wrong key and the other fucked up her words. By the time I got on there, I just needed to sing the song. We got a standing ovation, it was like something out of a movie.

And then your painful video for ‘Buttons’ got put on Perez!
Isn’t that amazing? We didn’t even link it on purpose. He’s been very supportive.

But he’s quick to turn on people.
I know. My friend Binky wrote him an e-mail that said, ‘Britney Spears is in a really vunerable place and when you’re in that kind of place, the stuff you write could really push her over the edge. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for someone’s death, would you?’ He wrote back saying, ‘You’re assuming Britney can read.’ I am terrified of him. I am so grateful to him but I am terrified that he’ll turn on me. I want him to like me because he can change people’s careers. He seems to really attack ‘celebrities’ who are just famous for being famous. But I always say, ‘Hurt people hurt.’ Maybe people were mean to him a lot. I think probably someone will die and he will feel bad.

Do you?
Yeah. I mean the entertainment industry is a really weird environment, if you’re on drugs. A lot of those girls are on drugs. I imagine that’s the only way a development will occur, because he’s pretty scathing but I bet he’s really sensitive with his close friends and I bet he’s fiercely loyal. Also people love to read about that shit and he’s giving people what they want. I want to give him a cuddle.

Sia’s new album, ‘Some People Have Real Problems’ is out 14th January, and you can see her live on 9th April at Koko, in the less-than-glittering Camden area.

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  1. It’s true, I was there. You were amazing! Sia, I heart you…

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  2. Excellent interview with a woman that defines “unique” in an oh-so-luverly way. Looking forward to seeing her in that less-than-glittering Camden area.

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  3. What a Spot On interview-insightful and yet asking off the wall questions that helicopter in on the true essence of a Maestress!

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  4. I remember when she tried to launch her solo career after the fleeting success of Zero 7. The Record and Tape Exchange was simply flooded with unplayed promos which went unsold.

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  5. […] Sia: ???I text pest Amy Winehouse?? Another fabulous exclusive! […]

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