It’s art. It’s madness. It’s art madness.

Eeny meeny miney mo

It’s becoming a regular circus down at Trafalgar Square. First they pave over the top bit (cheenius), then they put grass on it (beyond cheenius) and now we have the on-going art-space that is the fourth plinth (there are already three with proper old school statues of famous dead men on and this fourth one going begging).

We’ve already had Marc Quinn’s sculpture of the pregnant lady with no proper arms and the Model for a Hotel by Thomas Schutte (you know, the dayglo plexiglass thingy) and now we have to select a new work.

These are our favourites from the shortlist: they are, on the left, Yinka Shonibare’s ship in a bottle and, on the right, Tracy Emin’s cute little meercats. Go here to see the full line-up or, better still, slip down to Trafalgar Square itself to the National Gallery where there are models of all the contenders.

Can we just take a moment to say how much we love London right now. Carry on. About your business.

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3 comments to “It’s art. It’s madness. It’s art madness.”

  1. Tough one, but I think the bottle boat just scrapes into first position for me

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  2. I think they should lay Bernard Manning’s corpse on it. Now THAT is art.

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  3. Oh, that would be very artistic, especially covered in pigeon shit.

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