See this fella? He dead :-(


Brad Renfro has been found dead in his apartment in LA.

The 25-year-old star of cheeeeeeeeeeenius moving pictures including Bully, Sleepers and The Client, died on Tuesday after spending a night with friends.

The cause of death isn’t known, but the usual drug rumours are circulating, not helped by the fact that he was on three years’ probation for attempting to possess heroin.

Brad’s lawyer, Richard Kaplan, had this to say:

‘He was working hard on his sobriety. He was doing well. We was a nice person.’


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2 comments to “See this fella? He dead :-(”

  1. I’m honestly quite saddened by this. Bully is one of my favourite films, and I LOVED him in it. And he’s cute. Was cute.

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  2. Oh, poor him. He was genius in Bully. What’s the matter with these people that they get it all and fuck it all up?

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