Your laptap needs to go on a serious diet if it hopes to compete with this new size zero model!

Thinnovation! Get it?

Hooray, everybody, Apple is back to make us feel pure dissatisfaction towards the expensive items in our lives with the introduction of a laptop so slim you could probably slide it under a door (well, the fattest it’s ever going to be is less than 2cm, so you really could slide it under a door).

And not only is the Macbook Air skinny enough to wear a tiny bikini in the harsh glare of the paparrazzi, it also has all the new features you’re enjoying so much on your new iPhone (if only, right?), namely the ability to stretch pictures by pinching them on the screen, the ability to flip pictures by twirling them around on the screen and, oh you know, lots of other very fun stuff.

How much? One thousand two hundred golden coins! And worth every one of them.

Feel even more hatred towards your current laptop by going here.

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3 comments to “Your laptap needs to go on a serious diet if it hopes to compete with this new size zero model!”

  1. Oh, hatred! I only bought myself a Macbook a couple of months ago and now it’s totally out of date. I suppose the lesson is to accept that anything you buy from Apple will be outdated in a year and to buy things immediately they come out. I am enjoying my iPhone though, I must say. Especially for surfing porn sites.

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  2. How much does it weigh, though? there’s no piont being skinny bilinki if you weight more than Beth Orton.

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  3. You’re very right, Diana. I am a tight wad when it comes to Apple products these days. I’ve never forgiven them since I spent £2500 on a Titanium Powerbook some years ago, only for them to halve the price 4 months later. THE FUCKING CUNTS.

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