New Mariah-ness. Yey!

Don't look at me, I'm shy!

So yesterday we trotted somewhere over there to listen to Mariah’s new album. It was the following things:

– Rather nice, and v polished (read over-produced if you will; don’t if you won’t).

– She mentions Youtube at one point (in ‘Touch My Body’). She’s very down with the kids, you know.

– There’s a song called ‘Lovin’ You Long Time’. For some reason that made us laugh. It’d been a long day.

– ‘Bye Bye’ is the big commercial one, and we liked it sufficiently enough that we were humming it throughout the evening. Even during a really serious bit of Coronation Street.

– Oh yeah, the album’s called That Chick.

– Chick?

– And c) and d).

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  1. EW.

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  2. and what about the new janet album please?

    can you tell us what you thought of it ?

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