Diana’s mad confession to Babs. Literally.

Lazy jazz hands.

This is enjoyment.

So, right, you know there’s that ongoing wringing of posh lingerie in public at the High Court involving Lady Di off-of dead, also known as ‘Mohamed Al Fayed’s got the hump with the Royal Family and really should find something else to bide his time – we hear Harrods has a sale on’? Yes, that one.

Anyways, we j’adore Lady Di off-of tits ‘n’ teeth being called a whore by her momma, and now we’re j’adoring what Diana ‘parently said to Barbra Streisand, the well-known entertainer, as has been reported in the latest installment via London’s glittering High Court, top of the Strand, over the funny roundabout, when you get to Fleet Street, take the first left. Which is dead fancy, btw. We went to have a nosey.

‘My in-laws think I’m mad and my husband agrees with them and wants me put in a home.’

How Diagnosis Murder. We’re naturally presuming Diana thought they were wrong…



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2 comments to “Diana’s mad confession to Babs. Literally.”

  1. Oh it’s like a soap opera, innit. And the more we hear, the more we’re convinced that Diana WAS mad.

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  2. Loving this picture of Ms. Babs drying her nails.

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