So, what did we think of the new gay on EastEnders then?

Nice cardy

At last! A nasty soap gay! Hooray!

Sick of all those squeaky-clean, butter-wouldn’t-melt gays that turn up in teatime dramas like Easties and Corrie and Emmerdale Farm (it’ll always be Emmerdale Farm to us)? Well, at last we have a nasty, cocky, bitchy gay. And he ain’t that bad looking neither.

Oh, and we got to chat with him (or the actor that masquerades as him: John Partridge) last week and can report that he’s camper than an ergonomic-looking Spanish shoe and very, VERY funny. We likey so much we almost lovey (but he’s got a boyfriend and is monogamous, so boo to that).

Anyways, reactions to his character – who popped up for the first time last night – after the jump. We thank you.

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2 comments to “So, what did we think of the new gay on EastEnders then?”

  1. Oh I thought he was vile, in ALL the right ways, so am v much looking forward to his character-development. That means, ‘how a character develops’, by the way.

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  2. I shall decide once he’s removed his clothing.

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