Oh, that is so a hot look!

Black and red! Very Pamela Picasso

It’s what all the kids will be wearing down Hard On come the weekend: underwear teamed with flesh wounds, a hangman’s noose and a gimp mask. Very south London, very fresh, very now.

And no, this isn’t a still from Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Disco Years, it’s a shot from John ‘south London’ Galliano’s latest Paris catwalk show. We think only the pants are actually, you know, for retail. Anyway, have a look at another pair after the jump…


We found out all about this here. Thankings.

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3 comments to “Oh, that is so a hot look!”

  1. I like that jacket.

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  2. I quite like the bloodyness. Does that make me twisted and sick in the extremem?

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  3. Reminds me of Mrs. Thatcher’s youngest son.

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