Sack the stylist, Keira love!


Now, in our eyes Keira Knightley can do no wrong. J’adoring her, j’adoring her work, j’adoring the way she just potters about glittering London with a boy on one arm, a La Fromagerie bag on the other.

So just tell us who did this to you Keir and we’ll go round and break their legs. No, really we will! Anyone who dresses up one of our favourite A-listers as a cut-rate Eastern European table bar hostess who needs to brush some dry shampoo through her hair can’t expect to get away scott free. We will seek you down, person.

It’s all to promote her new (in America anyways) film Atonement which, guess what?, we j’adore. And which we think might bring her a second Oscar nom in a row.

Oh, and here’s an alternative cover where she poses with co-star James McAvoy and looks marginally better. Over the jump.

That's better
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3 comments to “Sack the stylist, Keira love!”

  1. Shoot the stylist.
    Like James’s jacket.
    Love Keira’s pout, even though I know every girl the nation over will hate it and her as a result.

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  2. Oh Keira covering her tiny boobs with nothing but a strip of material / tape, isn’t that original??

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