Fag Hag Diary

She knows you know


Stop what you’re doing immediatement! (Yes, and that includes you, wielding the KY jelly and the person of restricted growth!) The Ossie nominations are through and we need to have a right old Loose Women bitch.

Here’s my verdict on the gypsies, tramps and thieves making the line-up this year…

1. Keira Twice Knightley didn’t get nominated. Ahh, shame. I love it when a skeleton sneaks out of the lab and puts on a frock.

2. There is a God. He may not have eradicated world poverty but he did make damn sure Johnny Depp got nominated for Sweeney Todd.

3. Cate Blanchett for Elizabeth: The Golden Age? Ossies for looking pale in farthingales and ruffs? Who knew!

4. Best make-up: Pirates of the Caribbean? How much skill does it take to smear black Rimmel eyeliner?

5. Finally, Daniel Day-Lewis got nominated for a film called There Will be Blood… oh, and there will be friends if that cunt triumphs over Johnny.

Peace. We out.

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3 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. Daniel Day Lewis = Cunt. Couldn’t agree more.

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  2. I thought Cte blanchett was whatever in Elizabeht and I’m a fan.

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  3. There Will Be Blood is ace. Not as good as the Cohen Brothers thingy. Haven’t seen Sweeney Todd. Fingers crossed for Casey Affleck … I fucking loved that film.

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