Kate as Myra. That’s harsh (we’re talking about the hair!)


Loving those artists who do something just to create a bit of an ooh la la in the press and then explain that it’s actually a ‘comment’ on something.

In the case of this picture of child killers Myra Hindley and Ian Brady morphing into Kate Moss and Pete Doherty it’s apparently a ‘comment’ on the nature of celebrity. Oh! Do celebrities kidnap six-year-olds to rape and murder then? Or are we being a bit literal?

Anyways, it’s by Russell Young, it comes in gold or silver, it was at the Islington Art Fair and four of them shifted for a cool £28,000. Oh, and it made the predicted ooh la la in the press, where the Daily Mail for instance thinks Kate Moss (with her mad, bad partying ways) is every bit as bad as Myra.


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