Katharine Hamnett love(liness) for that Valentine’s business

Lovey dovey

We j’adore Katharine Hamnett for a variety of reasons, mostly involving her being kind to trees.

And for Valentine’s Day, which apparently has something to do with ‘couples’ – whatever they may be – Katharine (under her ethical Katharine E Hamnett label) has brought out some lovely garments + accessories that couples who ‘love’ whatever-that-may-be each other can purchase then proffer in order to profess their love.

They include the t-shirt up there – which is for him – and the t-shirt after Jumpy – which is for her – and also a very nice bag, which could be for him or her. And they all come in a variety of colours, which helps.

She's not afraid of colour Nice bag

Purchase Katharine H Hamnett loveliness, here.

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