Oh, look, Amy Winehouse smoking crack! What fun!

Such a hot look

Now no one j’adores Amy Winehouse more than us: the couple of times we’ve hooked up with her she’s been funny and kind and sweet but is anyone going to tell her to sort herself the freak out? Enough ‘poor Amy’ and a bit more ‘oi Amy love, sort it out!’

In this latest piece of choice footage we see the formerly Divine Ms. W bumbling about a very nasty looking flat (best-selling artist of the year, everyone!) smoking a dirty crack pipe while she gets ready for a court date with her husband.

Now, obviously, Britney can go die in a pool of her own vomit and the world would be a better place, but we don’t want to lose Amy. So, sort it out, love. It’s not looking pretty.

See the video here.

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  1. For fuck’s sake woman, get a grip.

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