Oh, look at Bradley’s little tummy!

Tiggle iggle

What wouldn’t you give to sneak up and just slip your hands in the top of those jeans?

And we think that that’s precisely the point on this new ‘not in America but anywhere else in the world ’cause we don’t care about anywhere else in the rest of the world’ campaign for Edwin jeans headed (or bottomed) up by Mr. Bradley Pitt.

Oh, here are some more pictures…

Oh, hello Oh, hello again
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3 comments to “Oh, look at Bradley’s little tummy!”

  1. Id rather put my hands down his slacks than down david of beckhams. Any day of the week.

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  2. Not my sort, darlin’. Have worked with him. Twice. He’s FUCKING skinny.

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  3. Love the top picture, but the bottom one makes him look weirdly short in the body

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