Fag Hag Diary

It's her culture!


This week, a goth couple from London’s glittering Yorkshire get the Georgina Michaels Award for best use of the phrase ‘This is My Culture!’. Remember an irate Georgina yelling that at photographers – darling little podgy, tanned, hairy hand extended in outrage – as he attempted to find some fastlove on a grassy knoll of the Heath?

Well now it’s been revealed that a pair of regional ‘New Look’ style goths have revived the best phrase in the world after being chucked off a bus for wearing a lead. ‘It’s my culture and my choice!’ cried the lady in highly flammable black nylon and buckles. Personally I’m now ‘my culturing’ it all over town.

‘Why are you late?’ ‘It’s my culture!’. ‘Why are you stealing my parking space?’ ‘It’s my culture!’. ‘Why are you in bed with my husband?’ ‘It’s my culture!’. ‘Why are you late with your tax return?’ ‘It’s my culture!’. Funnily enough my accountant wasn’t so keen on it. Hater.

Oh and RIP beautiful Heath. Tres sad.

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2 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. Hilarious. And very true.

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  2. It IS NOT your culture Missy and I’ll remind you that you have Queen and Country to answer to. Just because I am deceased doesn’t mean I cannot reach down from on high and give you headaches.

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