Fag Hag Diary

She's thin, she can get away with it. 


The Fag Hag today will mostly be bitching about… fatties. That’s right, not ‘differently weighted persons’ not ‘people of mass’ but fatties. Fat greedy bastards. Why me hatey today? Mainly because the government has just announced possible plans to offer financial incentives to overweight people to halp reduce the growing numbers of half ton mums in our little country.

Well, I’ve come up with my very own measure, which is far more cost effective. Here ’tis:

‘Dear Fat People,

I hope you are well.

Just wanted to drop you a note to say, it’s not your metabolism. It’s not your thyroid. It’s not because your dad was fat. It’s because you spend all your money on cake.

Best wishes,

Faggy x’

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6 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. Foooooooking hilarious. And right on the nail.

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  2. You is bad, madame – in all the right ways.

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  3. Bitch

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  4. now that was wicked . (in the old person way)
    that was very wicked . shame on you fag hag, boo hiss boo .

    now we all know the fatties are very miserable with their choclit and their eatin and their cake (i do love the cake . )

    but to push their face in it that really isnt nice i would never condone such cruel behaviour .

    now . does waht you jus put atchee help matters? no . get off your fag loving fanny and get out there t do some bloody good in the world, dont just be horrid and nothing more !

    i pity you, i think secretly your a fat person inside the body of a thin one .
    (cake, that is) xx

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  5. Her Really Late Royal Highness likes to drop in to SAM’S and COSTCO and watch the lard lovers pushing 2 carts and that is just for one week…….

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  6. Spot on. ‘It’s water retention’ … no, it’s burger retention.

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