They tried to make her go to rehab, she said, ‘Oh, go on then…’

Oof, that's better. I feel refreshed

Having been caught on camera (by a very nice friend of hers, we must say!) having a couple of refreshing drags (is that the word?) on a crack pipe, Amy Winehouse has decided that to shut everyone up she will eat the words of her most famous song and go into rehab. Well, it is the Grammies next month – though whether she’ll have the guts to sing that song…

Anyways, here’s what the official statement from her record company (oh, do they still exist?) said as she slipped in on the arm of Kelly Osbourne… 

‘Amy decided to enter the facility today (told you!) after talks with her record label, management, family and doctors. She has come to understand that she requires specialist treatment to continue her ongoing recovery from drug addiction and prepare for her planned appearance at the Grammy awards… Amy entered the facility by mutual agreement (she didn’t break in then!) and continues to receive the full support of all concerned.’

What a lovely story, everyone!

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  2. Patsy Stone is said to be her hall monitor.

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