‘Ooh, crikey, is it way past the time we normally do this and we’ve still not had a sing song?’

Atomic Kitties

It is, oui. And today, pop-pickers, we’ll mostly be sing-songing along to Atomic Kitten’s come-back singlette, ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’. Yes, the same one Cilla ‘Showbiz’ Black and Dionne ‘War-Wick’ Warwick did last century. Our thoughts include:

a) We j’adore Atomic Kitten, je can’t get enough of them, and je got pissed with them the last time we interviewed, er, them. It was a fun thing.

b) We like Jenny’s hair. Even though it’s prolly not her hair.

c) Vid’s kinda cheap lookin’ with images of Liverpool randomly splashed ‘ere, there and down t’Mersey, but who are we to judge?

d) And c) and d)

e) Enjoy after Jumpy…

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