Fag Hag Diary

The Divine Miss Em


So apparently the artist formerly known as Prince Philip has made a bit of a social plop plop. ‘What is plop plop?’ I hear you ask in manner of Polynesian island girl called Kahuna falling in love with blond haired American called Brad and attempting to absorb his culture. Well, it means doing the social equivalent of taking a dump on the nice party carpet and that’s what Prince Pippy did when he mistook Oscar winning Cate Blanchett for a technician. 

‘He asked her advice on how to fix a DVD player,’ said one report. ‘It was very embarrassing all round’.

Poor artist formerly known as. He was actually trying to make a goddamn joke you bastards. And can he help it if he’s about as funny as cancer of the clitoris?

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2 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. You can’t expect Betty’s dimwitted husband to know who people actually are? Honestly, it is not Royalty’s business to knowwho people wre, just to make witty small talk and smile. Everyone likes to talk about their work you know….possum

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  2. Also, the man is almost 90. Most 90-year-olds can barely breath let alone crack a joke, funny or not. I heart Prince Pip immensely.

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