Nice work if you can get it, etc. blah.


Madonna slash OGL slash M slash slash, will ‘parently net ‘erself $10billion dollars just for providing the song for a Sunsilk ad.

Sorry, typo. $10million.

Still rather a lot.

So yeah, Sunsilk have used a snippette of ‘Ray of Light’ for their ad that will screen betwixt this Sunday’s Super Bowl, and for the privilege have handed over ten million golden coins. Nice shiny ones at that. Prolly in a very nice velveteen bag.

That’d buy you lots of penny chews.

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2 comments to “Nice work if you can get it, etc. blah.”

  1. Won’t make me buy Sunsilk though

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  2. Madonna looks like my White Alcholic Skinny Okie next door neighbor!
    What happened Material Girl? You should most certainly spend the 10 million you will be earning on anti-aging drugs, creams, natural hair colors etc. Also please put gloves on those man hands (Por Favor).

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