Oh, look, our Jackie’s going to be Dancing with the Stars!

Oh Jackie

Who’d have thunk it! Our little Jackie all grown up and ready to swish his way around prime time on Dancing with the Stars.

Yep. The show that brought you Heather McCartney Mills on just one leg and Mel B pipped at the post (story of her life, that is) will now contain the considerable hoofing talents of one Mr. Jack McFarland aka Sean Hayes up against the likings of Priscilla Presley!

And he can dance, remember: he was once J-Lo’s backing dancer and was a hair’s breadth away from a gig with Janet Jackson. See him cut a rug after the jump…

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3 comments to “Oh, look, our Jackie’s going to be Dancing with the Stars!”

  1. Oh, imagine if he was up against Karen. THAT would be quality viewing.

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  2. This pathetic closet case is so fitted for reality TV. There is no reality in what the general public will suck up. If they knew he was gay they would spit him out.

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  3. Yes, Her Royal Highness agress with her loyal poofster in New York. Arise, Sir Patrick as our truth seeking knight of NYC.

    One should advise the closet is suitable for cloithing, not men or women.

    I am glad that I am able to contiue to enlighten my loyal subject. It takes a Queen to lead a nation…….

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