You can’t keep a good ginge down!

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In terms of TV couples, short of Patsy and Eddie and maybe Terry and June, they don’t come much bigger than Bianca and Ricky (warning: there will be no Rickaaaaaaay jokes in this piece). And here is the first picture of them back at EastEnders *band starts up, the Dagenham Girl Pipers start twirling their batons*

They are back for Frank’s funeral (thought he died years ago!) and it will be the first time we’ve seen them together for like eight years or summing.

But they’re not back together (yet, obviously they will): Ricky is apparently engaged while Bianca has a string of children by different men. Like mother like daughter then…

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2 comments to “You can’t keep a good ginge down!”

  1. She needs some of that tan for les ginges she was flogging a while back…

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  2. Aww, I really have a soft-and-getting-quite-moist spot for Rickaaaay/Sid – there’s something about a slightly educationally sub-normal east end boy that just makes me want to clasp him to my busom and teach him a thing or two.

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