Does it make us bad unpatriotic people to be really happy Mlle. Marion won Best Actress BAFTA?

Say la vie... go on. Say it!

Now, we love Keira more than Haribo itself and have a very large soft spot (the Pilates haven’t kicked in yet) for Julie Christie, who looked fee-arse at last night’s BAFTA’s but can we just say how very heureux we are that Marion Cotillard picked up the Best Leading Actress gong for playing Edith ‘funny little old lady who was only like 40-something’ Piaf in La Vie en Rose. Oh, and what a cute speech.

In fact, La Vie en Rose was the main winner with four awards (all of which seemed to be picked up by English folks), while it was a bad night for American movies with only No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood getting a look in against a strong Euro showing РLa Vie, The Lives of Others, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, plus all the English ones. 

Anyways, you can see a list of all the winners here (’cause we’re too busy to type). And you are invited to join with us in our desire to get Jonathan Ross booted off the presenting role (boring, flat, unfunny). If we can’t have Stephen Fry back, then we want Eddie Izzard!

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