Fame! They’re going to live forever…

Ladies, please!

Everyone who was anyone and quite a few people who were no one at all turned out for the glamorous Vanity Fair exhibition party at the gorgeous National Portrait Gallery last night. And pretty much all of them were outshone by the talent on the portraits.

Famous – and pretty much unique – for actually putting some effort and imagination into their celebrity portraits, Vanity Fair has had to dig deep into filing cabinets to come up with an exhibition of peerless star mush. Look at this Annie Liebowitz number, for instance, that includes everyone from Cate Blanchett all the way down to Vanessa Redgrave.

Spanning nearly a century – from 1913 until now – expect everyone from Josephine Baker through Michael Caine to, well, this lot. It starts on Thursday (Valentine’s Day) and you can find out the wheres and the whyfores here.


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  1. I for one shall be going to this.

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