Call the RSPCA (and get Paris Hilton put down) immediately!

Eugh, get off me.

Dirty Paris Hilton has abanoned her sweet, innocent pussy. By which we mean pussycat. We’ve given the other kind up for Lent.

Dirty Paris Hilton had previously ‘saved’ the abandoned puddy-wuddy and was praised by people who are impressed by this sort of thing in the process, but a couple of weeks ago la Hilt took ickle puddy-wuddy to the vets to have it neutered – and is yet to pick it up.

‘(It’s) a clear-cut case of abandonment,’ say the animal welfare charity who originally gave PH the kitty.

Paris Hilton’s people claim the charity have engineered the situation to gain publicity.

Be that as it may, we’re always going to side with the side that isn’t dirty Paris Hilton.

True story.

The end.

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3 comments to “Call the RSPCA (and get Paris Hilton put down) immediately!”

  1. Someon should neuter her, save the world from any potential Hilton progeny…

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  2. You havent given up pussy for lent, I saw you last friday night down Charle Chans having a threesome in the toilet with Danilelle lloyd and the african toilet attendent !!!

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  3. That wasn’t a real woman, Sue. It was a surgically constructed slapper.

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