Oh, look! It’s international style icon, the Duchess of York, rocking Auntie Viv Westwood

Nice orbs

She wears it well!

Sarah, Duchess of York, Fergie (that’s all one person) is pictured here wearing a frock by one Ms. Vivienne Westwood, who is showing (off) at London Fashion Week this very day. The picture of the Duchy in a wrinkly frock is part of a very special (we’ll be the judge of that) book of famouses wearing Auntie Viv.

Also included are Kate Moss (she’ll wear anything that one, even Rimmel), Laura Bailey (met her, ain’t all that without make-up) and Viv and that hot husband of hers. The only snag: the book costs £1,400. But then it is literally big enough to scatter cushions on and use as a sofa.

If you wanna see the polaroids for free, they are at the Scream Gallery until 16th February, aka Saturday.

And now can we have a moment’s silence for polaroids which have been discontinued.

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