Madonna walks past London telephone box shock!

It's for youuuuuuuuu

With a wheely case!

Can you believe someone has set up a cam so he can present a day in the life of a red London telephone box? No, nor can we. And we’re sure it’s probably against the law and everything.

But he did catch some sights: namely a fit man in a tracksuit and Madonna and people. Just walking by. It’s funny. Click here to see it (she’s the one in the dodgy zebra coat and baseball cap).

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3 comments to “Madonna walks past London telephone box shock!”

  1. Truly rivetting footage.

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  2. I know the exact telephone box as well! In fact, walked past it today!

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  3. When I was a yoof, we used to go to my mate’s house, as his bedroom looked over a phone box. We used to dial the number, someone would pick up, and we’d ask them if there was someone wearing a blue jumper, or somesuch, standing near the phone box… of course there was, as we could see them … we told them it was our mate, and asked them to tell them they had a call … they would go and get them, and we would hang up … person comes to phone, and is miffed … we call back, same person picks up, we apologise, and ask them to get our ‘mate’ again, we hang up again, and repeat until there is a fight *claps hands*

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