Eurovish-ness – UK hopefuls revealed exclamation mark

But which will it be?

So that lot up there are the happy campers wishin and a-hopin’ to represent the UK of Britain in Eurovish 2008.

Starting with the one in the middle for no particular reason, we have Michelle Gayle off-of Stenders and that ‘You’re sweetness is my weakness’ single that was rather irritating.

We also have Andy Abraham, the binman from X Factory and Rob McVeigh and Simona Armstrong who had a go at being Joseph and Maria respectively of a Saturday evening last year.

Can’t quite work out who anyone else is, but we’re sure they’re very nice people – you know, on the inside.

Anways, Eurovision: Your Decision, which spookily enough is the show that lets US decide, is on *checks press release* in March.

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