Welcome to the most expensive flat in the world. Like ever!

A couple of Athena posters and you're all set

Coming in at a cool £100 million (that’s like $195 million or 132 million Euros), this flat may be designed by Lord Richard Rogers, have bulletproof glass, panic rooms and purified air but it can never get away from the fact that it’s within spitting distance of dirty Harrods (even if Harvey Nicks on your door step is a bit of a consolation).

Part of the new development going up next to the Mandarin Oriental, with views over Hyde Park, it has yet to find a buyer though there is apparently plenty interest from all sorts of oil types and oily billionaires, keen to cosy up to neighbours who have so far paid measly amounts like £20 million for what must be horribly poky flats.

Amenities in the yet-to-be-built block include a tunnel to the next door hotel, communal spa, squash courts and ‘a special wine-tasting area’. Which is probably quite like a room. And don’t seem like much to us.

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2 comments to “Welcome to the most expensive flat in the world. Like ever!”

  1. Traffic’s a bugger round there, though, isn’t it. Especially at the junction of Knightsbridge and Brompton Road, what with the traffic of Sloane Street vying for entry. They should bomb Harrods and build a big roundabout in its place.

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  2. Can you imagine the cunts you’d end up with for neighbours. It will be knob central. And not in a good way.

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