Banksy goes legit

Your Majesty!

If you’d actually like to get a proper look at all this Banksy stuff that people never shut up about (and you haven’t bought copies printed onto fake canvas down Spitalfields Market already), now is your big chance.

An exhibition of the elusive cheeky monkey’s finest – including this one of Her Majesty Queen Victoria sitting on some young lady’s face –¬†will be running at London’s Andipa Gallery from 29th February (that’s next Friday) for a month. You can even buy your own – original! – as some of them are up for sale.

Peruse the works and reserve your art here.

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One comment to “Banksy goes legit”

  1. Has anyone seen Banky’s work on Rosebery Avenue in Clerkenwell/Exmouth Market borders? Some cunt’s painted all over it!!!!! Arsehole.
    (Unless of course it was Banksy himself and therefore it’s art. How post-modern is that??? Oh the irony. Or the post-modern-ness. Oh fuck my head hurts.)

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