We guess we have to do a BRITS-related thing. So this is our BRITS-related thing. Welcome to our BRITS-related thing.

Our Amy.


So the BRITS were last night, a whole bunch of people won, more didn’t, and these are our thoughts on matters plural concerning the BRITS. They’re not comprehensive or anything, mind, ’cause a) we were flicking between ITV and Grand Designs on Four, and b) ’cause our moles at said BRIT Awards ceremony haven’t turned up yet/are still pissed/are in a gutter somewhere surrounded by their own vomit. But these thoughts crossed our mind all the same:

– Arctic Monkeys? Cocks.

– Amy Winehouse? Honey, we j’adore you, we je can’t get enough of you, but the live singing’s all gone rather awry, innit. Evidence after Jumpy.

– Paul McCartney dedicating his award to Linda? That’s all very nice but, you know, whether you like Heather Lady Big Mac or no, that was LOW.

– Kylie Minogue? Best International Female? *draws sad emoticon*

– Kylie Minogue? Hair? *draws sad emoticon; hands over some John Frieda Frizzease*

– Kylie? Performing? *makes call to Washington Snipey*

– Adele and Leona? Cheeeeenius.

– The Osbournes = Embarrassment. Ditto Vic Reeves. *considers giving up the booze; changes mind immediately*

– Mika ‘n’ Beth Ditto combo = J’adore

– And c) and d)

– Oh, and here’s the full winners’ list, for those who don’t know:

British Album – Arctic Monkeys, Favourite Worst Nightmare

British Male – Mark Ronson

British Female – Kate Nash

British Group – Arctic Monkeys

British Single – Take That, ‘Shine’

British Breakthrough – Mika

British Live Act – Take That

International Male – Kanye West

International Female – Kylie Minogue

International Album – Foo Fighters, Echos Silence Patience and Grace

Critics Choice – Adele




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4 comments to “We guess we have to do a BRITS-related thing. So this is our BRITS-related thing. Welcome to our BRITS-related thing.”

  1. All in all, they were shit, weren’t they? Just a whole lot of not very nice noise, mostly.

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  2. But it was funny when they made Kylie (couldn’t they get someone with a little more gravitas) give the award to Paul McCartney and she had to say ‘Before the Beatles, artists didn’t write their own songs!’ Laughed hard about that one

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  3. And Fearne Cotton is such a shit presenter. Her questioning was frankly rubbish.

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  4. The Arctic Monkeys weren’t cocks … but it appears their good bits were edited out by ITV, as they were mocking the whole event, and the Brit School love in. Get a ticket next time and you might enjoy yourself a bit more.

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