Fag Hag Diary



Hello my darlings! The Faggy is off to share a fondant fancy or two with Charlie Cox, the not particularly heejous manchild who rocked a fairytale frock-coat so beautifully in Stardust, but just had to drop by for a swift bitcheroo about Oscar frockage:

Katherine Heigl’s red number – dramatique but what up with oil barons’ ball hair?

Dame Helen – flawless in oxblood and j’adoring and coveting chic little sleeves to conceal potential bar mitzvah arms

Penny Cruz – bonker Karl Lagerfeld comes up trumps. Who knew!

Rosamund Pike – no, love.

Johnny Travolta – special mention for weirdest ‘psycho bedsit-queen hair dyed over kitchen sink’ in world.

Speaking of which…

David Gest?


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4 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. What is Travolta thinking? Seriously?

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  2. That do was the basis for the hair all Lego men.

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  3. I mean, the hair FOR all Lego men.

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  4. Doesn’t even look like L`Oreal. Clearly he’s not worth it.

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