London just got, like, a whole lot artsier

Oh, look at them snow bears

Oh look: some delicious, expensive, irreplaceable art – about £150 millions worth of the stuff! And it’s all going into places like the Tate in an art donation that’s being called the most generous gift since some blokes in turbans turned up with frankincense and myrhh.

The art booty comes from gallery-type person Anthony D’Offay and there’s apparently enough of it to fill a whole floor and a half of the Tate Modern (which has very big floors, it should be noted). Included in the package comes some lovely Warhol, Gilbert and George, Robert Mapplethorpe, Jeff Koons (see cute bears above), Damien Hirst, you know, top shit.

The works will be collected together in what are going to be known as Artist Rooms and, according to experts, will plug a lot of gaps in Britain’s national collections. Which is nice.

Check out some of the goods here.

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