Note to Mischa Barton – get cabs!


Mischa Barton – the sort of girl we’d throw our fag-ends at at school – has officially been charged for drunk driving, marijuana possession and driving without a license.

Is Mischa Barton a retard?

Rhetorical question.

Mischa was stopped back in December in West Hollywood at 3am-ish when them nice police people saw her car straddling two lanes and she failed to signal when turning.

*sticks tongue behind bottom lip and makes spazzie sounds*

We have the following to say on the matter, m’Lord:

– If you don’t have a license, get a cab.

– If you’re drunk, get a cab.

– If you’re smoking/planning on smoking drugs, get a cab.

– If you earn anything more that the minimum wage, you can afford to get a cab. If you’re Mischa Barton, you can afford to get a driver.

– Durrrrr.



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2 comments to “Note to Mischa Barton – get cabs!”

  1. What a stupid girl. Agree with the cabs thing – how retarded can anyone be??

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  2. At first, I thought the headline was: ‘Note to Mischa Barton – get crabs!’ That would have been far funnier.

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