It’s better than the usual tat you get down Covent Garden…

Give us a tune, luv!

There’s nothing more irritating than trotting to Just Falafs of a luncheon for a nice falafal with garlic and chilli sauce, only to be dragged into the throng of non-London types gawping at some down ‘n’ out who’s decided to entertain the gullibles with a song, dance ‘n’ Paul Daniel’s beginner’s magic kit in return for a threepenny bit and a happy finish if they’re lucky. 

However, the turns at Covent Garden have become a bit more reputable these days. We give you Exhibit A; Róisín (note the funny accent things in all the right places) Murphy, who can here be seen busking in Covent Garden for real life people for real life monies! Not only is she good, but she’s really good.

It’s all for a telly show (which means it probably isn’t an ongoing thing. Oh booo) – The Culture Show on Her Maj’s BBC the Second – and you can watch Róisín Murphy and p’raps judge for yourselves after the jump. Oh she’s fun she is. J’adore. 

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2 comments to “It’s better than the usual tat you get down Covent Garden…”

  1. She is a fox I’d love to growl at.

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  2. I love her. If only I’d been in the vicinity on that day. I’m there most days. Typical.

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