Tickets, passport, intergalactic space helmet…


If you have a cool £200,000 to spend on your hols, you can join the likes of Princess Beatrice at zero gravity, travelling at speeds of Mach 3 (and you thought it was a razor) into the fringes of space on a Virgin Gallactic flight (if you can hold off a bit, it gets cheaper).

You have to go on a training course-type thing in the desert and go through medical checks before they’ll let you anywhere near that spacecraft, but once you’re on you get dragged up there at ridiculous speed and then get to gaze back the 65 miles to planet earth through the special observation windows.

Or you could always go back to that nice hotel in Corfu.


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2 comments to “Tickets, passport, intergalactic space helmet…”

  1. Oh, could you be bothered. All that money and energy just to look out the window at some black space.

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  2. I don’t mean to be cruel as such, but this is Branson we’re talking about, right? What we’ll see is a dozen very rich show-offs paying a million quid to get blown up and killed to bits. Which will in no way be satisfying or funny, will it?

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