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Fag Hag Diary

Faggy knows best


One of the Fag Hag’s most fabulous female friends, Miss Natural Blonde, called up the Fag Hag Investigation Bureau this weekend. Think of the FHIB as a sort of Hetty Wainthropp – except the sort of crimes I solve are to do with men that disappear with still-wet dicks, rather than organist corpses in the hydrangea bush.

‘Okay, gimme all you got on this,’ I said once I’d pulled up with a screech to the crime scene and started swigging coffee. ‘I need descriptions, I need times, I need motives’. (more…)

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‘Oh hello. Is it gone 4 o’clock (just) and we’ve still not had a sing song as is traditional at this hour?

Estelle. Not Getty.

Yes. And today, pop-pickers, in honour of her still being at number one in the United Kingdom of Britain Hit Parade, we’ll mostly be sing-songing along to Estelle’s ‘American Boy’. Ooh it’s catchy, innit. Though we fear merely a highlight on an otherwise shite album. (more…)

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This gennelman really loves his cat. So much so he’s done a rap about him/her. Sooo(ooo)ooo cute, etc.


After the break… S’funny. (more…)

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Corrie-ness: Gail Platt’s dad, right, IS A BIG OLE GAY!

Ooooooooh, Gail.


So, Coronation Street is adding another homosexually gay ‘mo to its cast – in the form of Gail’s poppa!

Gail – who is such a cock, by the way. And appears to have lost her neck somewhere in 1973 – is, as we know, the daughter of Audrey. Who we freakin’ j’adore, by the way. We must make that clear. Anyways, imagine the scene: 

It’s *does the math* 1900-and-something, and Audrey’s a single mum to Stephen-with-a-ph living most probably on a diet of coal and pork scratchings. But – and this is a big but – Audrey’s not allowed custody of Stephen for some reason or other, and decides that the way to win back custody of said Stephen is to marry someone. How modern. But (another big but), the fella she fancies doesn’t fancy her back, so she goes for his best friend instead, Ted. We didn’t see that coming, etc.

Split screen and Audrey’s shagged this Ted fella, gotten preggars, but doesn’t want to stay with Ted so has trotted off for a life on t’cobbles (via Rentaghost). We digress. In the meantime, Ted’s discovered bumming and decided that it really is the way forward. And now he’s presumably decided that he wants to get to know his daughter. Could’ve saved you a whole load of trouble there…

True story.

And this is what Gail’s big gay dad looks like… (more…)

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Let’s take a moment to look at Gerard Butler off of hot *sits down with a cup of tea and a HobNob crunch biscuit*

Our other boyfriend.

Oh hello.

This is relevant, by the way. He’s in a new moving picture called Nim’s Island and Jodie Foster’s in it and this is him at the premiere and we got the picture from here (ta) and this is him with his top off… (more…)

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Just in case you didn’t have enough H&M schmutter already, they’re opening a new concept store in Camden…

Fashion forward...

*checks Camden box*

So H&M, purveyors of disposable ‘what, this old thing? £2.99 down Hennes!’ schmutter, are to open their first UK ‘standalone’ shop in London’s not-so-glittering Camden, under its Divided brand. Which is, like, you know, their younger, funkier range. We’ll be the judge of that. ‘Citing, though, isn’t it.

In a grand departure from the norm, the shop will stock womenswear, menswear and accessories. And it’ll be quite big (8,300 sq ft, which actually means nothing to us) and will have a warehouse-y theme thing going on, with scaffolding and everything. How 90s.

We heard this news here. Thankings.

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Do we think George W Bush is actually gutted that his legacy will be that of the worst, most unpopular and most idiotic president of the United States in history? Like, ever?

Honey, red's SO your colour.

Just a random musing we were having whilst watching said George W Bush getting booed *insert chuckle* at the Ceremonial First Pitch, which is something baseball-related they do in Americaland that we don’t understand but sounds very nice.

Watch for yourself, after Jumpy… (more…)

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GQ mag votes Daniel Craig ‘World’s Best Dressed Man’

Our boyfriend. 

Also known as, ‘we want you to appear on our cover so we’ll make sure our readers ‘vote’ you the World’s Best Dressed Man because let’s face it, who doesn’t want a bit of perspex with the letters G and Q etched into it?’.

Also known as, let’s now take this opportunity to look at Daniel Craig’s front bottom.. (more…)

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