We think we fancy this man. It may, however, all rest on his front bottom.

Our new crush.

Hello. So we watched that Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory last night. It was a play on words, it was a fun sort of thing, it was about posh people who want to make the and-we-quote ‘best chocolate in the world’, it’s basically just a very long advert for said ‘best chocolate in the world’, and we came to the following conclusions:

– They were posher than posh things wearing pullovers draped over their shoulders, flats in Cheyne Walk and the sort of hair that only money can buy. Their surname is Harcourt-Cooze. Natch, etc.

– They had the sort of children even we like. Especially the girl one.

– We think we fancied the bloke. Willie, that is. Handsome in a small-eyed manner, we appreciated his ‘passion’ for chocolatey things, and just about managed to overlook his burgeoning man titty-loo-las because we put it all down to the chocolate thing. Though we wished he had a little more body hair.

– We didn’t like it when his wife went, ‘When I met him I just knew that one day I would have him.’ Er, PSYCHO-BITCH!

– And this is what he looks like with his top off:

Nothing a few sessions on a Powerplate won't sort out...

The end.

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2 comments to “We think we fancy this man. It may, however, all rest on his front bottom.”

  1. Oh I know! I so fancied him, and also so agree re. the body thing. Small nipples as well, I noticed.

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  2. I loved the show and can’t wait for episode two. What a crazy eccentric Willie is and how wonderful that his wife supports him. Venezuela is a beautiful country and I hope they show more of the forests and beaches close to Willie’s “El Tesoro” hacienda.
    According to this report Tania is aristocracy:
    Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory brings Venezuelan cacao to UK

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