Noel Gallagher’s going gay *reaches for the smelling salts*

I'm mad for it, me.

Noel Gallagher, who has northern hair and a face not unlike a cat’s anus, is ‘parently poised to play a dirty homosexual in the filmic versh of Russell Brand’s autobiography, My Booky Wook.

Here’s the quote, via Russell:

‘Noel Gallagher will be in there, playing a seedy homosexual. He’ll be a sexually androgynous, amorphous character – it’ll be mad.’

We’ll be the judge of that.

Also lined up for turns in the film are David Walliams – as Russell’s love rival – and Michael Palin.

Michael Winterbottom’s directing, which actually gives us hope.

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3 comments to “Noel Gallagher’s going gay *reaches for the smelling salts*”

  1. Now this could actually be good, seeing as his book is quite good. But ditch Michael Palin. Dry as a very dry thing with dry on the side, he is.

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  2. Just the thought of it. Crikey.

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  3. I think Russell was joking when he said this. Michael Palin is his new best friend because he said Russell was good once. Noel Gallagher is his old best friend, and would never ever play an androgynous character, hence Russell saying he would. For ‘comedy’ effect.

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