Victoria Beckham to front reality TV show. Sounds fun.


Victoria Beckham is ‘parently in talks with Fox telly types to front her own reality fashion series in the US and A.

‘Tis thought the show will take on a similar format as Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. ie. Victoria Beckham will go into flailing, dumpy clothes stores and turn their fortunes around with her fashion expertise.

‘Twill be called Fashion Nightmares.

Riddle us this – just ’cause a woman dresses nice sometimes, does this mean she has business chutzpah and knows how to run a successful retail concern?

‘They want her to visit some boutiques and beauty pageants in real backwater towns and try and whip them into chic shape,’ a source tells Marie Claire.

*’Source’ pats own back at the use of the punning turn of phrase ‘chic shape’*

‘A couple of A-listers have recommended her, saying her humour and knowledge has yet to be fully explored.’

Isn’t that the exact same thing they said about that ‘Coming to America’ reality thingymejig she did last year? This ‘Victoria’s got a real sense of humour’ thing is becoming what is known in the business of bullshit as a cliché.

We met Victoria Beckham and she really does have a sense of humour. Oh how we laughed.

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