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Right now the Fag Hag is j’adoring Rachel Marsden. Who she I hear you cry? Sounds like an Emmerdale character who got burnt in a fire. Honestly, don’t you read your ‘Daily Found on Floor of Northern Line News’ each day? Rachel is of course the mad bitch de nos jours who was dumped most horrid by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and she’s now mad as hell.

Why she cross? Because naughty Jimmy delivered the news via an update on her Wiki page. Cold as ice! Did Rachel take Aunty Beyoncé’s advice (Screech. Hair toss. Leg flex. Okay, everyone as you were) and wish him the best, pray that he is blessed, much success, no stress, and lots of happiness? Did she hell.

She’s since gone to compromise her christianity all over town by placing some of his items on Ebay saying his ‘classy move inspired me to do something equally classy’. Stalker! Nutter! Beeeatch! yelled everyone from the late Lord Mountbatten to the man who sold me some Coke Zero this am. But you know what? I kind of like Rachel Marsden. Precisely because she’s everything we’re told not to be. Walk away, keep your dignity, say nothing, they tell us. And whilst we’re so busy concentrating on keeping our dignity, some bady behaved cunt’s getting to buy our silence for free.

I say humiliate the bastard. After all, who’s fending off interview and job offers from all around the world today – Wiki man’s poor old hapless ex who kept her mouth shut, or Rachel who sung like a canary? Be warned, boys…

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