Kelly Osbourne to release exercise video with drag queens :-(

One of 'em's not a real lady, you know...

Kelly Osbourne off-of why? is planning to release a and-we-quote ‘camp’ fitness DVD with her draggie friends.

‘She has enlisted the help of her cross-dressing friend Jodie Harsh and her other drag queen friends to make the video a camp, show-tune packed extravaganza,’ said Source.

She’s crazy she is.

Question: Who would actually buy that shit?

Answer: No one.

The end.

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3 comments to “Kelly Osbourne to release exercise video with drag queens :-(”

  1. Can someone please explain Jodie Harsh to me? Literally the lamest drag queen that ever existed on the London gay scene – nice enough, but none of the fierce, biting wit and personality that normally comes with a good drag queen. All it is is a boy with big lips inside a dirty old wig. She/he’s a brilliant self-publicist, though, I’ll give her/him that.

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  2. Oh I know. I like the way Grazia the other week (not that I read Grazia) compared Jodie Harsh with Lily Savage – saying Jodie Harsh is today’s Lily Savage. One’s a comedy genius, the other’s a bloke in a bad wig. Oh sorry days.

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  3. Oh, I don’t know. I think there’s a lot of poofs who would buy it as a joke present, so they could follow the work out one evening, when they’re tipsy on supermarket-brand sparkling wine.

    As for Jodie Harsh, have you seen those YouTube videos of him with that tubby fucker Scotteeeeeee? Jesus fucking Christ. I think you’d get better results if you gave a camera to a bunch of kids at a ‘special’ school.

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