Now you too can look like Matthew McConaughey… Oh hurrah, etc.

My foot's stuck.

Matthew McConaughey’s launching his own range of beachwear.

Beachwear, in case you’re wondering, includes items such as shorts, frisbees, and maybe even a t-shirt.

‘Matthew is known for his love of surfing and he always looks the part when he’s out riding the waves so this range is perfect for him. He’s really enthusiastic about it. People are sure to want to emulate his beach style,’ someone told USA Today, adding that the range will be available come summer on Matthew’s real life interdolly site,

By which they mean they hope people are gullible enough to think that wearing the sort of clothes worn by someone with a six-pack means that they, too, will have six-pack.

*buys the entire range*

Ooh, and guess what the range will be called?

j.k. livin

Inspired by Matthew McConaughey’s own personal mantra, ‘Just keep livin’.


Let us take this opportunity to look at more pictures of Matthew McConaughey in beachwear.

I prefer to play sitting down. Nice, innit?

You could bounce pennies off that you could…

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4 comments to “Now you too can look like Matthew McConaughey… Oh hurrah, etc.”

  1. I have never wanted a “beach bum” more in my life!! My slogan would be Mathew just keep lying there until I’m finished!

    Sand never felt so good!

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  2. ‘Ad ‘im.

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  3. My sixth sense has always told me he’d be big fun in bed! I get the same feeling about Woody Harrelson. And Tony Hawks (the comedian/writer). SO THERE.

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