Colin Farrell-ness

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This is Colin Farrell currently appearing in GQ magoizeen.

What you may have noticed is that the very clever art director on GQ magoizeen has decided to incorporate clovers in the pictures. That’s ’cause Colin Farrell is Irish, see.

We like Colin Farrell, because he seems fun. Career-wise, that filmic device A Home At The End Of The World was a turning point for us. And he also has a really nice cock, which most of you have prolly seen in that home porno thing he did. And as we all know, cocksĀ are quite the deal breaker.

Now let’s look at Colin Farrell with his top off…

Much better.
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3 comments to “Colin Farrell-ness”

  1. I like Colin Farrell too. Though he currently needs a hair cut.

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  2. We like a man with longish hair. Gives you something grab on to and pull when your feeling frisky.

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  3. He’s very good at straight acting.

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