Kerching, etc.

Leona 'John' Lewis

Leona Lewis is doing a turn on Oprah.

Roughly translated as, ‘that’s my US PR sorted’.

Roughly translated as, ‘hooray’.

Roughly translated as, ‘if Oprah asks to play incy wincy spider with you, run’.

We will mostly be able to see Leona Lewis – who we j’adore, btw. We interviewed, she wore ethical shoes, we likethed – on Oprah on 17th March. Or March 17, whichever you prefer.



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2 comments to “Kerching, etc.”

  1. I haven’t watched Oprah in years. Isn’t it all about the Tranny Banks Show now?

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  2. She’s a nice enough girl, but she is dull, and perhaps not sexy enough for an American audience … she’ll do well on the back of the initial hype, but I can’t see it lasting over there … she’s the female Craig David … nice enough, but not remotely exciting.

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