Non-gratuitous pic of man in pants shock

Oh hi!

Gratuity is as gratuity does or some such thing, but these are nice pictures of sexy mens in pants all the same. Or something.

Anyways, wouldn’t you agree that the nicest thing about buying pants is the picture of the flat-stomached lovely on t’front of the packaging. It’s all very flicking off-chic, n’est ce pas. For that reason alone, we’re enjoying this new concept in pantage. New ish.

What-it-is-is, like, this company – The Bulge Project – does nice pants, but what they also do is give you a rather spesh giftage with purchase, which is basically a framed photo of the modellette-in-pants-in-question. So basically you’re getting your pants plus framed wank fodder. All with a very sexy ’70’s catalogue vibe.

What’s not to like, etc. Certainly not these other pictures of men in pants…

In my panties... Do you like my jumper? Just mindin' me own...

Buy your nice Bulge panties here.

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Non-gratuitous pic of man in pants shock, 2.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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3 comments to “Non-gratuitous pic of man in pants shock”

  1. Ooh, nice idea! I personally like the one in the jumper.

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  2. I like the face and body of the fourth one, but I imagine the third one’s got a bigger cock.

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  3. Why would I buy pants advertised by boys who look like they don’t wash?

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