Fag Hag Diary

Not a crinoline in sight.


This week’s Harry Hill award for ‘the most unholy alliance of the week’ goes to… Katie Price and Alex Curran, the lady who regularly has her vajayjay touched by a man who wears nylon and is famous for being good at footballs. or Summat. or Nuthin.

The two vulgar slags lovely, purdy ladies in bonnets and crinolines, hit the Liverpool streets this week with their matching Fake Bake legs (on special at Superdrug, ¬£3.99), hair from the heads of Turkmenistanian orphans and plucked flanges. And it looked like they were getting on like a bungalow on fire after a nana’s lit ciggie had connected with an acrylic sofa cover. Hurrah for the unholy alliance! We likey. We want more.

Next week, my money’s on¬†Chantelle and Shannon Matthew’s muther coming out of Funky Buddha working those exposed lady parts!

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2 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. I love the idea of Chantelle and Shannon Matthew’s ‘muther’ hitting the clubs together. It’ll happen. I’m banking on it.

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  2. I like Liverpool as a city, but it’s fucking shocking when you see the local girls in their fake tan. It’s SO fake, and SO dark and thoroughly wrong the way they smear a circle of it on their faces, ignoring their ears, neck, and everything else … very, very odd.

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