Madonna to Justin: ‘Pull your pants down!’ And he did!

Dirty old lady

Oh, it’s all coming out now.

As he inducted her (induced her?) into the *starts shouting theatrically* world famous Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame *stops shouting theatrically*, Justin Lord Timberlake revealed that while making Madonna’s new prolly-not-very-good album, she told him to drop ’em.

The story goes something like this…

‘The world is full of Madonna wannabes,’ said JT in a very saucy speech at the ‘ceremony’. ‘I might have even dated a couple.’ Oh, he means Britney. ‘But there is truly only one Madonna…’ Yeah, yeah. Get to the pants bit.

OK, he reckoned that while ‘working’ on the ‘album’ together one day, Justin mentioned that he felt a bit under the weather and what Madonna suggested – being American and all – was a B12 shot. JT was expecting a nurse to turn up, maybe with a little Gladstone bag to carry the B12 shots. But the nurse on this occasion was Madonna herself.

She pulled out a syringe and went ‘drop ’em’, then, after the shot (can anyone give these shots then? Don’t you have to be trained or something?) she looked at him and said, ‘That’s top shelf’. ‘And that was one of the best days of my life,’ goes Just.

And being the control freak she is (god love ‘er) Madonna corrected him saying she never said, ‘Drop ’em’. ‘I said, ‘Pull your pants down” Which is basically the same thing.

And that’s a true story that is.

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4 comments to “Madonna to Justin: ‘Pull your pants down!’ And he did!”

  1. Did she jab him in the arse? Saucy.

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  2. Rembember the picture of Madge coming out of the Hotel with a Purple Penis Replica? Did she have that as well with little Justin???
    My God was she really there at the induction or was that a little wax statue from Madame Tussudes? She has been injecting more than B12. B12 is what Roger Clemens said he was getting when he was getting human growth hormone.

    Your Madgesty please get the roots done before you show up next time.

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  3. I guess they’re just inducting anybody into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame now.

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  4. Yes, you’re right, Madonna has achieved absolutely nothing. *places tongue in chin*

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